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Innovation delivering results

RWE is derived from RWD, sourced through electronic health records, registries, pharmaceutical and insurance records, university faculties and government statistics. Clinical hardware is particularly relevant since real-time data is recorded in the context of physical patient care supplementing that from clinical trials. However, the disparate nature of these data sources requires an overarching exploitation strategy, harmonising the research process to produce meaningful outcomes. While many organisations undertake the work in-house it is often more cost-effective to contract it out to specialist research consultants experienced in the processing of such data. This is where Veritas plays a critical role in unlocking the power of RWD to provide RWE in timely and precise order at an economic cost.

...[Our] information architecture facilitates the harmonisation of RWE and EBM...reaffirming its certainty.

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In partnership with you we can achieve interoperability for evidence-gathering, capitalising on the innovatory technological advances now standard in other domains such as navigation support. Extending the solutions- achieving interoperability for healthcare services provides a means to resolve challenges for the Evidence Ecosystem and maintain critical connectivity with the delivery of healthcare services. The universal information architecture facilitates the harmonisation of “Real World Evidence” and “Evidence Based Medicine” collectively providing an unequivocal understanding of evidence and re-affirmation of its certainty.

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