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The Veritas Team...

Dr Zbigniew Fedorowicz PhD MSc(DPH) BDS LDS RCS(Eng)


With an extensive, global career in oral healthcare services Zbys has been responsible for advising on and implementing national policy guidelines for governments, international organisations such as WHO, the Cochrane Collaboration (he established the Bahrain branch of the UK Cochrane Centre in 2004) and academic and charitable institutions.  An established advocate for evidence-based medicine (EBM) he has produced a comprehensive range of peer-reviewed reports on synthesised evidence in the form of systematic reviews and related methodological research.  Currently Overview and Recommendation Editor for DynaMed he has recently been appointed a member of the council  of Governors for the North-West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust.

David Woods MPharm FPS FRPharmS


David is a consultant pharmacist, educator and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background which includes rational drug use and evidence-based practice, pharmaceutical education and paediatric clinical pharmacy.  With extensive experience of evidence-based medicine and rational drug use he has made a major contribution to related educational and resource development programmes internationally particularly in developing countries. Maintaining a passionate interest in the safe use of medicine he is an honorary advisor to the New Zealand (NZ) Safety in Practice Group  which advocates for safe and appropriate medicines use. David is also a research collaborator at the NZ Pharmacovigilance Centre, University of Otago and is actively involved in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology research utilising population analytics at the Best Practice Advocacy Centre (BPAC) New Zealand.

Scientists Evaluating DNA on Screen
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